Our mission

Sustainability calculation and reporting made easy

Vague claims just don’t cut it. Customers deserve to know the full story of your textiles. However, sustainability calculation and reporting require expertise and investment.

It is our mission to make the impact of textiles transparent and accessible for all stakeholders in the supply chain. 

That’s why we combined textile sustainability expertise with state-of-the-art LCA software, so you can easily and independently calculate, verify and report the footprint of your products.


About us

Helping you become transparent about the impact of your products

bAwear score is a young organization active since 2019 and was founded from the problem: “Why is it so difficult to access reliable and credible impact calculations?”

Together with our partner SimaPro, we set a goal changing this. 
We believe textile transparency can be accessible, credible and cost-effective. Enabling any company to gain quick insights and make better decisions. So you can ensure the credibility of your sustainability claims. 

With over 35 years of experience in textile research, manufacturing and LCA technology, we are capable and experienced in understanding your challenges and needs when it comes to creating transparency.

With our roots in the Belgian and Dutch textile industry, bAwear is proudly powered by SimaPro and supported by our partners Creamoda and Modint. 


Built with expertise, objectivity and experience

Our methodology is developed together with SimaPro and based on more than 35 years of textile expertise. Creating an objective and dedicated impact calculation methodology for the textile industry. 

We source relevant data on fibres, water use, energy consumption, climate impact, chemical consumption and land use from credible sources such as scientific research and external LCA databases.

Our model covers all processes in the supply chain, cradle to gate. From material to spinning, weaving/knitting to finishing and confection and finally packaging and transport.  


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