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Making the impact of your textiles transparent

We help you to easily calculate, validate and communicate the environmental impact of your textile products.

Our mission

Sustainability calculation and reporting made easy

Vague claims just don’t cut it. Customers deserve to know the full story of your textiles. However, sustainability calculation and reporting require expertise and investment.

That’s why we combined textile sustainability expertise with state-of-the-art but easy-to-use software, so you can independently measure, verify and report the footprint of your products. 

Your challenges

Build credibility around your sustainability approach

Sustainability is a hot topic today. You want to do your very best to reduce the environmental footprint of your textiles. But measuring the impact of your efforts and reporting them to your customers is easier said than done, right?  

Textile supply chains are fragmented networks, with many partners, products and processes involved. To accurately score your products on sustainability, you require specific data, dedicated methodology and textile expertise.

To build credibility around your sustainability claims, it’s crucial to have your products assessed by an independent third party. This objective verification proves your company’s integrity and shows your commitment to do things properly.   

Making a traditional life cycle analysis tends to be a costly and intensive job. Even with the best intentions, third-party verification is impractical and poorly accessible for most SMEs. 

Identifying the key areas to optimize for sustainability in a multi-tier system is challenging. But what you don’t know, you can’t manage. Detailed insights are the starting point for every sustainable improvement.

Calculate your environmental footprint

Our solutions


Get quick insights into your products footprint with the YourQuestion app.


Measure the detailed impact of your entire supply chain with YourScenario.


Calculate the footprint of a specific area in your supply chain with YourHotspot.

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