Customize your inputs

Easily customize and structure your product-specific primary data input and generate detailed impact insights for your textile supply chains.

Input data checked

Be sure that your input data makes sense with a thorough and critical check by our textile experts to ensure correctness.

Guided by experts

Whether it's fashion, workwear or even technical textiles, our experts help you to transform environmental impact data into actionable insights.

Results ready for audits

Want to audit your results? With bAwear Expert, you are ready to be audited by third-party certifiers such as Eurofins and/or Bureau Veritas.

bAwear Expert

Environmental impact calculations guided by Experts

Gain more accurate insights into your textile product's environmental impact with bAwear Expert. Guided by our experts, all your primary data is checked to ensure correctness of your data.

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  • Why choose us?

    Textile dedicated, built with expertise

    Powered by SimaPro, we integrate LCA and textile expertise to develop data-driven sustainability solutions tailored for the textile industry.

    LCA and textile expertise

    Our team of LCA and textile experts guide you through every step, helping you understand your results, implement practical solutions, and meet your impact transparency goals.

    Turn data into information

    Take action with tangible and actionable insights without complexity. Embrace streamlined LCAs, providing measurable actions for informed decision-making.

    Revolutionizing scalability

    With Streamlined LCAs, we scale up impact assessments to multiple products, fostering a comprehensive approach that surpasses individual product calculations.

    Save time and resources

    bAwear's Streamlined LCAs offer cost-efficient access to sustainability data, allowing companies of any budget to make data-driven environmental decisions.


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