Welcome to YourScenario, helping you create impact transparency

YourScenario is an information-as-a-service solution that enables you to create detailed insights into the environmental impact of your textile products. With a deep impact calculation of your entire supply chain, we help you to become transparent on your product’s footprint.

Through a guided online questionnaire, required data is collected. If not available, data will be added from the proprietary databases. All input data is double-checked and reviewed by our experts to ensure completeness and correctness.

  1. Create supply chain and footprint transparency
  2. Information-as-a-service, powered by SimaPro LCA Software
  3. Easy to get started, time and cost-effective
Covering all production processes, from cradle to gate.

Built with expertise, objectivity and experience

1. Material

2. Spinning

3. Weaving/knitting

4. Dying/finishing 

5. Manufacturing

6. Packaging & transport

How to get started

1. Schedule kick-off call with our experts

2. You collect the required data

3. Data review by our experts

4. Processing data and calculation

5. Receive your standard or customized LCA report

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