bAwear Expert calculations

Take control with accurate impact insights

bAwear Expert calculations is an information-as-a-service service that enables you to create detailed insights into the environmental impact of your textile products. Based on primary data from your supply chain, we help you to become transparent on your product’s footprint so you can detect hotspots, create more sustainable product and use data to improve your decision making and stakeholder communication. Easy to get started, time and cost-effective, start today!

  1. Create supply chain and footprint transparency and insights based on your primary data
  2. Information-as-a-service, powered by SimaPro LCA Software. 
  3. Communicate your products impacts with all relevant stakeholders
Covering all production processes, from cradle to gate

Built with expertise, objectivity and experience

1. Material

2. Spinning

3. Weaving/knitting/non-woven

4. Dying/finishing 

5. Manufacturing

6. Packaging & transport

Cradle to Grave under development

How to get started

1. First, contact us so we better understand your needs

2. Explanation of our process, assess your needs and share a quotation

3. Primary data collection set-up during a 30-min kick-off call

4. You collect all possible primary data and send it back to us

5. Data review by our experts with possible extra questions

6. Processing your data and making the calculation

7. Receive your results in a standard or visualized report

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